venerdì 28 settembre 2012

London calling

Come back home after three days in one of the most exciting city in the world. I'm talking about London, of course.
I've been there several years ago for only one day, and in these days I have had the occasion to visit this city better and, the most important thing, to shop a lot!!
London is a beautiful city for a lot of aspect: great history, great museums, great parks and, especially,  great style!!
I have definitely heard the call of this city! I have experienced the London night life with my friend Ivan, who has moved there in April. I have spent three beautiful days with my mum, who has the big desire to see this city, and finally her wish has come true! We went to visit Buckingham Palace, and this was an amazing experience, a place you HAVE to see if you are in london during summer. This year is open 'till the 7th of October, if you are planning to visit London, book a visit to this wonderful place!
I have taken a lot of inspirations in London, everywhere I went there were young and not so young people wearing super stylish and also a little bit weird clothes, with a totally nonchalance of what the other people could thing. Unfortunately with my not very powerful means I haven't even one decent pic of the London street style to show you... :(

I have loved most of all the Notting Hill zone, with the beautiful stores of Portobello road.
The next time I wanna go to London during the week end, so I will see the most famous market of Portobello and Brik Lane too! I have loved also the several vintage shops of the city, even if they were too much expensive for my pocket! The markets are sure a cheaper way to get stylish things for less, and surely the Primark stores! I would buy all in this tore, but I have had only the hand luggage, so I had to limit my shopping!! ^_^

Now I'm gonna show you some pics of me and of the beautiful London city, in the next post you'll see the incredible fashion collection of the Victoria and Albert museum, a place must-see in this city!
Enjoy them fro now, more pics later!

Notthing Hill

Buckingham Palace garden

Westminster Abbey

Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben

The tower of London

St.Paul Cathedral

P.S: Sorry, only english version 'cause no time!!!

A big hug,

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  1. ciao Marta! che bellissime foto! ed anche il tuo look! un bacio!

  2. you are so lucky!
    love these photos!
    hope to had a great time!

  3. Bella la mia Londra vista dai tuoi occhi!!!
    Io invece ero a Fi da mia mamma...


  4. All your pics are So beautiful.. and your looks so great so perfect.. xoxo

  5. amazing photos!!

  6. Che belle foto!! Davvero!! Spero tanto di riuscire ad andare presto anche io a Londra :)

  7. Beautiful pics dear!


    New post!

  8. I love your haircut!
    Interesting style! =)
    I'm following you ^^

    Check my blog if you want!
    A loser like me